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Steubenville Photographer | Steubenville Photography | Bridgette Anne Photography

So you’re coming up on the end of your Junior year. One more year to go! Your senior year is one of the most exciting times but it can also be stressful. And expensive! I want to help you make it a little less pricy and stressful and add a little more of the excitement.

Currently, Steubenville photographer, Bridgette Anne Photography is looking for students graduating in 2014 and 2015 to work with as Senior Reps.

What is a Senior Rep?
A Senior Rep is a student who be photographed by me who will be “the face” of Bridgette Burr Photography. Your images will be used online and in print advertisements.

Why would I want to be a Senior Rep?
If you are selected to be a Rep, your session fee for your senior portrait session will be waived. You’ll also have the opportunity to earn credits towards prints and other products.

What do I have to do as a Rep?
Once you are a Rep, we’ll schedule and plan out your session. We’ll pick a date, plan the locations, wardrobe, etc. Then comes the session! You’ll get a full session with multiple wardrobe changes and all the creative editing works. Once your images are edited, you’ll receive 5 watermarked digital images to share with your friends on Facebook and every other social media sites. You’ll also receive 25 cards with YOUR images on them to give to your friends. For every person that brings one of your cards back and books their senior session,  you can earn print credits. The more bookings you bring in the bigger your discounts will become and the more free product you can earn!

That sounds awesome! How do I apply?
There is a limited amount of Senior Reps I will take on each year. To apply for your spot and get your free session scheduled, email your information to me at:

I’ll need your:
High School
Link to your Facebook
Plans for after graduation

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